Cornelius Copperpot – Magician, Inventor & Professor of Balloonology!

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Cornelius Coppeprot - Magician, Inventor & Professor of Balloonology


“Just say the magic words and…”

Edmonton Magician Cornelius Copperpot, pitching “Copperpot’s Sparkling Elixir of Wonder” at the Steam & Steel Social.

“…We will make the magic happen!”


“Gather ’round, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Brethrens & Cisterns… Allow me to dazzle you with a feat of prestiwidget… presdagidjiw…  … SLEIGHT OF HAND! …Guaranteed to amaze amuse confound and confuse…”

Whether on the stage or strolling and hobnobbing with folks at your event, Cornelius is certain to bring magic to life at your next event…