Face Painting

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Facepainting Fun with the Fairy Godmama

My name is Janice Shoults. I am Wonderstuff’s chief face and body artist, and co-creator of the company, along with magician and balloon twisting artist extraordinaire, Big Dee Wilson.

One of my favorite joys is seeing the look on children’s and parents faces as they see themselves transformed in the mirror! (as you will see from the pictures below, I do as many grown up faces as I do children…)

Using only the finest of FDA approved face painting make up and cosmetic grade polyester glitter, our Wonderstuff artists bring the magic alive for both kids and kids at heart!

Each of our artists work is unique, created by hand, and can be custom created on the spot, to work with you or your child’s imagination.

Our work ranges from cheek and hand art, through to half face, mask work, and full faces. Whether you want one facepainter or an entire team we are ready to be of service to y ou.


Snickerdoodles’ Style Face and Body Art

What are Snickerdoodles? Well, other than being our Auntie Beryl’s delicious cookies,  Snickerdoodles are small pieces of art, designed and created by Janice.

Great for all ages, these intricate little drawings are real favorites. Snickerdoodles are often worn on hands, arms, legs, cheeks, or around the eye, and sometimes, on the head!


Snickerdoodles with notes from the artist…

” The real joy is to make each piece of art unique, even if one of the guests before asked for exactly the same thing.  Each person is special and unique, their art should be too!” – Janice

“The fun thing about this Snickerdoodles dinosaur is that the fingers make the feet walk, and the thumb makes the tale move.” – Janice

” It is always fun to get a custom request. In this case it was very specifically, three roses, wrapped around the side of my face.  She loved how it ended up”  – Janice

” People can play anywhere. The first time I met my friend Jamie was at a business meeting.  He learned that I “people paint” and asked me on the spot to create this particular Oiler’s logo on his head. I went back to my car, pulled out my paints, brought them into the business meeting and painted his head on the spot!

His work mates (including his boss) just loved it. His kids (of course) figured they had the coolest Dad, ever!” – Janice


Whether it be Snickerdoodles style, Fairy Eyes, Mama Belly Painting, Baby Bling, or Full Face fantasy creations, all of our Wonderstuff art is created to bring a touch of fun and joy to life.





Our Wonderstuff face art is a perfect fit for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Promotions
  • Festivals
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvahs
  • Mama belly parties
  • Weddings
  • and more…