Cornelius Copperpot – Professor of Balloonology!

As a master balloon artist, Cornelius has been twisting balloon animals, balloon hats and full-size balloon sculptures for over thirty years. Call us for details as to how Cornelius can provide unique balloon creations at your next party, festival or company event.

“I would like a beautiful mermaid with red hair” was the request of the lovely young lady getting her special balloon creation. Cornelius can create mermaids, princesses, crowns, tiaras, wands and much much more for the discerning young ladies in your group…
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  One of Cornelius Copperpot’s favorite creations – an Alien with a ray gun.

Most frequently requested creations include:

  • bunnies
  • puppies
  • swans
  • teddy bears
  • guitars
  • swords
  • snakes
  • dinosaurs
  • monkeys
  • mouses
  • mooses
  • mermaids
  • giraffes
  • camels
  • piggies
  • princesses
  • elephant
  • lady bug
  • turtle
  • spiderman
  • superheros
  • aliens, and more…

Special Deliveries

Occasionally we receives a request for Cornelius to sculpt something way out of the ordinary as a gift.  One of our favorite challenges from last year was the request for a tennis racquet from a lady who wanted something special for her friend who was an avid tennis player.




Balloon Workshops and Jams

Looking to improve your balloon twisting skills? Contact us for details about the next community balloon jam.

For more information, and ideas of how Cornelius or one of our guest balloon artists could be a featured part of your event, please contact us at 780-809-1414